Help us reach the world's largest unreached people group

Less than 2% of the world’s 70 million Deaf people know God.

90% of them struggle to read, so the written Bible makes no sense.

For them, Jesus never lived.

DOOR International is on a mission to change this.

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Help us reach the Deaf for Christ

Most people who struggle to read need to hear God’s word. Deaf people need to see it. However, very few resources exist in sign language -- the language of the Deaf. There are no complete Bibles in any of the world's 350+ sign languages.

That’s what makes DOOR International so effective.
We don’t hand out written Bibles. Instead, we translate and publish Scripture into local sign languages. And, we provide support and training to Deaf leadership, equipping Deaf disciple makers all over the world.

These customized visual translations and training efforts are ending Bible poverty among the Deaf and transforming lives forever.

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