05.2016_Demonstrating Deaf Bible_Kenya_editedDOOR International began as a ministry to train Deaf evangelists, teachers, and leaders among every sign language of the world. But, we quickly discovered that training is not enough if Deaf believers don’t have God’s Word as a resource.


DOOR began work in sign language Bible translation in 2006. Since then, we have worked with teams from 16 language groups, with more translation projects beginning each year. You can see some of that work here. These translations are authorized Scripture, just as the New International Version or English Standard Version are.

The spiritual needs of the Deaf include more than God’s Word. Evangelists, leaders, and teachers are needed to disciple new believers, and share the Good News with unreached Deaf communities.


DOOR believes that the best people to reach Deaf nationals are other Deaf nationals. We help recruit and train pairs of Deaf leaders from the local community to form what we call "2-by-2 teams." These teams, comprised of an evangelist and a teacher, are equipped with a translation of God’s Word in the local sign language and with training. Learn more about the 2-by-2 program here.

The goal is a model of church (i.e. believers’ fellowship) planting that is reproducible and sustainable. These local fellowships are not “DOOR churches,” but instead are led and run by local believers.


A life deeply changed and renewed by the gospel of Jesus Christ: it’s why we do what we do. Visit our blog to see just a few of the many stories of Deaf lives transformed by the Good News in their own heart language, brought to them on the hands of other Deaf nationals.