Chronological Bible Translation

1: God Creates Everything

2: God Creates the First Man and Woman

3: The First Man and Woman Disobey God

4: Cain Becomes Jealous of Abel

5: God Punishes the World

6: Noah Curses Canaan

7: God Scatters the People of Babel

8.1 : God Picks Abram

8.2: Abram and Lot Part Ways

9: Abram Rescues Lot

10: God Promises the Land to Abram’s Children

11: Abram and Sarai Doubt God

12: God Gives the Ceremony of Circumcision

13: Abraham Has Three Visitors

14-15: Lot and His Family Narrowly Escape

16: Abraham Lies to Abimelech about Sarah

17: Sarah Resents Ishmael

18: God Challenges Abraham

19: Joseph’s Brothers Betray Him

20: Joseph Resists Temptation

22: God Picks Moses

23: Israel Celebrates the First Passover

24: God Shows His Power at the Red Sea

25: God Provides for His People

26.1: Israel Prepares to Meet God

26.2: God Gives His Ten Commandments

26.3: Israel Responds to God

27: Israel Worships a Golden Calf

28: God Explains Burnt Offerings

29: Miriam and Aaron Criticize Moses

30: Moses Sends 12 Spies

31: God Gives Jericho to Israel

32: Israel Fails to Conquer Ai

33: Israel Takes Over Ai

34: God Gives Hannah a Son

35: God Calls Samuel

36: Israel Asks for a King

39: Samuel Anoints David King

40: David Faces Goliath

41: David and Bathsheba

44: An Angelic Army Protects Elisha and His Servant

47: God’s Chosen Servant Will Face Suffering

48: King Nebuchadnezzar’s Golden Statue

50: The King Throws Daniel into the Lions’ Den

53: The Birth of Jesus

54: Jesus is Baptized

55: Satan Challenges Jesus

56: John Announces God’s Chosen Lamb

57: Jesus Drives Sellers out of the Temple

58: Nicodemus Meets Jesus

59: Jesus Meets a Samaritian Woman

60: Jesus and Peter Go Fishing

61: Jesus Heals a Paralytic

62: Jesus Picks Matthew

63: A Roman Centurion Surprises Jesus

64: A Woman Washes Jesus’ Feet

65: Jesus Calms a Storm and a Troubled Man

66: Jesus Helps a Bleeding Woman and Jairus’ Daughter

67: Peter Walks on Water

68: Jesus Challenges the Pharisees and the Scribes

69: Jesus Meets a Deaf Man

70: Jesus Heals a Boy with a Evil Spirit

71: Jesus Explains How to Rebuke Sin

72: Jesus Encounters an Adulterous Woman

73: Jesus Heals a Blind Man

74: Jesus Sends Out Seventy-Two, Two by Two

75: Jesus Tells about a Good Samaritian

76: Jesus Tells about a Sheep, a Coin, and a Son

77: Jesus Tells about the Rich Man and Lazarus

78: Jesus Faces the Death of a Friend

79: The Pharisees Ask Jesus about Divorce

80: Zacchaeus Meets Jesus

81: Jesus and His Disciples Have Their Last Supper Together

82: Jesus is the Vine

83: Jesus Prays in Gethsemane

84: Jesus Has a Trial before the Jewish Leaders

85: Jesus Has a Trial Before the Roman Governor

86: Jesus is Crucified and Buried

87: Jesus Rises from the Dead

88: A Stranger Appears on the Way to Emmaus

89: Jesus Appears to His Disciples

90: Jesus Teaches His Disciples Before He Returns to Heaven

91: The Holy Spirit Comes and 3,000 People Believe

92: New Believers Meet Together

93: A Crippled Man Healed and Peter Preaches

94: Peter and John Arrested

95: The Believers Share Their Possessions

96: An Angel Frees the Apostles from Prison

97: The Church Appoints Seven Deacons

98: Stephen is Arrested, Condemned, and Stoned for His Faith

99: Philip Shares the Message with an Ethiopian Man

100: Saul’s Encounter on the Road to Damascus

101: Jewish Believers Accept Gentile Believers

102: The Church in Antioch

103: Herod Puts Peter in Prison

104: A Magician Tries to Prevent God’s Word

105: Paul and Barnabas Appoint Elders

106: Paul and Barnabas Decide to Go Separate Ways

107: Living by the Spirit’s Power

108: Paul Goes to Macedonia

109: Paul and Silas Placed in Prison

110: Paul and Silas Travel to Thessalonica and Berea

112: Paul Travels to Corinth

114: Paul Travels to Ephesus

115: Paul Warns Against Sexual Sins

116: Paul Teaches about Marriage and Singleness

117: Paul Gives a Warning about The Lord’s Supper

118: Spiritual Gifts

120: Paul Warns about Hardships

121: Paul Returns to Jerusalem and Gets Arrested

122: Paul’s Journey to Rome as a Prisoner

123: Paul Describes Marriage Relationships

124: Paul Describes God’s Armor

125: Striving for the Prize

126: Paul Gives Advice about Leaders in the Church

127: John Writes to the 7 Churches

128: God Preserves His People

129: The Beast from the Sea and the Beast from the Earth



Abram and Sarai Doubt God

Genesis 16


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