International Ministry Council

We believe that Deaf people should be the leaders and providers of Deaf ministry. To that end, we formed our International Ministry Council (IMC): a majority Deaf strategic group hailing from various continents and areas of ministry.

This team works together to help set vision and strategy for reaching the Deaf worldwide, as well as evaluate outcomes from ongoing ministry work.

To learn more about the involvement of the International Ministry Council, we invite you to contact us with your questions.

U.S. Administration

Rob Myers
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Bob Terpstra
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Brad Wiechertjes
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Carrie Steggerda
International Director of Operations
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Marisa Sorenson
Communications Coordinator
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Michelle Waldo
Executive Assistant to the President
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Select Board Members

David Pope
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Bill McKendry
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Chip Sanders
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Anthony Humphress
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Kelli Schutte
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Donor Supported Staff

Julia has been involved in Deaf ministry with DOOR International since 2000, serving primarily in the role of hospitality coordinator. Countries where she has served include Hungary, Kenya, Thailand, the Philippines, and other South Asia locations.

Recently a need with SIL International has arisen that Julia is well-suited to fill. Thus, DOOR International will be seconding Julia to SIL to serve the Global Sign Languages Team (GSLT) in Eurasia and Africa as an Administrative Assistant to the Regional Director…

Camille Beckham has served with DOOR for over 25 years, including 10 years of living overseas (in Hungary and Thailand). She currently serves in several significant roles in DOOR International leadership.

She provides cultural and historical orientation to new staff, giving them a sense of the ethos and values behind all that DOOR does. She’s also part of providing training for Deaf and hearing translation consultants, who then assist Deaf translation teams from various countries.She is beginning a member care program at DOOR, and often interprets for our Deaf staff to speak and participate at various national and international gatherings…

Josh and Audra Cadd, along with their two children, have served with DOOR International since 2012. Josh assists DOOR’s Deaf translation teams throughout the entire translation process: answering the team’s questions, checking passages verse-by-verse for exegetical accuracy and communication effectiveness, discussing problem areas with the team, and making suggestions for alternative solutions. Josh checks each draft until a high-quality version is reached, and can be sent to a consultant for final approval…

Mark and Lyndalou “Lulu” Sorenson, along with their seven children, have served with DOOR International since 1999. Mark is responsible for overseeing all the translation projects for DOOR International. With experience working in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the United States, Mark brings a lot of cross-cultural knowledge and years of ministry experience to his role as the International Translation Director.

Prior to joining DOOR, Mark worked as an Architectural Designer.

Cindy Knakal has been serving with DOOR International since the fall of 2014. As a hearing individual, Cindy supports Deaf Christian leaders in the U.S. by assisting with leadership training and establishing Deaf Chronological Bible Study (CBS) small groups. Cindy also supports the Deaf as they plant Deaf believers’ fellowships, and she teaches the hearing community about Deaf culture and DOOR’s methodology.

After losing her husband, George, in 2009 to a 19-year battle with cancer, Cindy earnestly sought the Lord’s guidance in the next chapter of her life…

In November 2015, Ron joined DOOR as a Consultant-in-Training (CIT). He works closely with the U.S. Deaf translation team to ensure all scripts and video recordings are accurate and clear. Along with checking the translation, Ron works with the team to coordinate recording sessions.

Prior to joining DOOR and moving to Minnesota, Ron worked at a Deaf school in Oklahoma.

Bobby was born Deaf to a second-generation missionary/pastor parents who have never met a Deaf person prior to Bobby’s birth. Bobby grew up in a ministry environment, but wasn’t aware of how many Deaf people do not personally know Jesus. Bobby’s exposure to the Deaf community during his college years at Spring Arbor University led him to join DOOR International in 2017, after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies. In 2018, Bobby served in Kenya as a translation consultant-in-training for nine months. In 2019, he transitioned to developing church leadership resources for the 2-by-2 program.

Rob and Michelle Myers, along with their four children, have served with DOOR International since 2014. Rob helps lead strategic planning for the organization, encouraging and promoting Deaf leadership in all areas of the ministry. Although based in the United States, Rob travels extensively to support DOOR’s international programs, and he advocates for Deaf Ministry and sign language Bible Translation needs with national organizations and leaders on the field. 

Prior to joining DOOR, Rob served as Dean of Sciences and an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN…

John and Jennifer Samson joined DOOR International in 2019. They are currently in the Partnership Development stage and are preparing to go to Kenya to serve in the first half of 2020. John has a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University and an M.A. in Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently finishing an M.A. in Linguistics from the University of North Dakota focusing on sign languages. John has been involved in the Deaf community and learning American Sign Language since 2013…

Whitney was the first to serve with DOOR International in 2008, using her graphic design skills to create various DOOR staff newsletters. A year later, 2009, the entire family moved to Kenya to serve on the campus of DOOR Africa for 7 years. They relocated back to the USA in March 2017 due to medical reasons.

In his current role as Project Technology Coordinator, Jeremy provides consulting, training, and support to co-workers around the world in the areas of computers, video editing, and camera equipment….

Dan and Sarah served full-time with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International from 2007 before joining DOOR in 2017. They worked for several years in language survey, working with deaf communities in Ecuador, Portugal, Romania and Italy. They also have supported sign language translation projects in Eurasia in several ways, including technical support for video editing and studios and project setup and planning. Dan and Sarah have also spent several summers on teaching staff at SIL International’s linguistics program at the University of North Dakota. They hold master’s degrees in applied linguistics…

J. and Wendy are two of the longest-serving members of DOOR International, with Wendy joining in 1994 and J. in 2000. J. works daily alongside DOOR’s global Deaf leadership, providing guidance, support, and encouragement in planning, training, curriculum development, and ministry supervision. Wendy assists the Vice President and helps foster communications with DOOR’s global Deaf teams. She also encourages DOOR staff and wives through mentorship and teaching.