Trainer, Consultant, Member Care Coordinator, Interpreter



Camille Beckham served on a full-time basis with DOOR International from 1991 to 2009, living overseas for ten of those years. In 2009, she began serving on a project-by-project basis and continues in several significant part-time roles today.

She provides cultural and historical orientation to new staff, giving them a sense of the ethos and values behind all that DOOR does. She’s also part of a pioneering program to train Deaf translation consultants, who then assist Deaf translation teams from various countries.  She is beginning a member care program at DOOR, and often interprets for our Deaf staff to speak and participate at various national and international gatherings.

As a consultant, Camille offers guidance to various DOOR leaders regarding effective cross-cultural communication, respect, and service, particularly regarding Deaf and hearing cultures, but related to other cultures as well.

Camille received her BA from Stanford University, and her MA in Mental Health Counseling from Gallaudet University.  Prior to joining DOOR, she worked in Deaf Ministry Resources for Joni and Friends.

Your financial partnership with Camille Beckham will provide critical support and resources for sign language Bible translation and Deaf church planting projects worldwide. Please pray about how you might partner with Camille in prayer, encouragement, and financial giving.

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