Your Financial Partnership is Instrumental in Equipping Deaf Believers to Reach their communities.

Ways to Give

Make an Immediate Gift

DOOR International operates over a dozen bible translation projects, and supports more than forty church planting and evangelism teams. Your gift will help us keep these programs running! 

Support a missionary

Many of our missionary staff raise their own support through relationships with churches and individuals. Your partnership allows them to focus on ministry full-time. 

Consider Legacy Giving

We have the opportunity to give in our lifetime but we also have the opportunity to leave behind a legacy. Do you want part of your legacy to be supporting DOOR?

Mail in your Gifts

You can mail checks to:

DOOR International,
Dept. 9012, PO Box 30516,
Lansing, MI 48909-8016

Why Give?


Creating accurate and culturally
appropriate sign language translations

Church Planting

Planting Authentic Christian Deaf communities where none existed.


Reaching the Deaf community
across the world by empowering the Deaf

Deaf Leaders

Encouraging and building Deaf
leaders to make an impact in their community

The Impact of your giving

"I have never seen Deaf kids talk about Jesus like this," after seeing the kids watch the Bible in sign language then discuss.
There is a revival and hunger for God's Word happening among the Deaf community.
Jesus Loves You is a favorite song among Deaf children.
I am so happy to see God's Word in sign language. I feel as if God is personally communicating to me through these narratives.
The Church is not just for hearing people. The Church is for Deaf people as well.
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Tax Deductible?

Yes! DOOR is a non-profit agency and as such any gifts made out to DOOR International are fully tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law. You will receive a year end receipt, however if you need any additional information please contact us either using the form or calling (616) 741-7200