Translation Consultant-in-Training (CIT) & Administrative Support



John and Jennifer Samson joined DOOR International in 2019 and have been serving in Kenya since 2021.

John works as a Translation Consultant in Training (CIT) which means he works with the translation teams to ensure the quality of the translation by making sure it is accurate to the Greek and Hebrew, is linguistically natural, and is acceptable to the Deaf community. He is also helping to develop DOOR’s consultant education program, CEDAR, specifically in developing a Biblical languages education program for the Deaf.

Jennifer grew up in the Deaf community and is a certified interpreter. She previously worked as a missionary with International Students Incorporated (ISI). Currently, she is doing a wonderful job raising Sophie.

Sophie is the newest addition to the family, born in October 2021. She works hard at eating, sleeping, and being adorable.

Your financial partnership with John and Jennifer will provide critical support and resources for sign language Bible translation and Deaf church planting projects worldwide. Please pray about how you might partner with them in prayer, encouragement, and financial giving.

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