Translation/Linguistics Consultant



Stuart became hard of hearing when he was 4. When he was 18, he lost the rest of his hearing and discovered the Deaf world. Stuart and Linda have served both deaf and hearing churches, a community non-profit, and several organizations in the sign language Bible translation movement. Stuart is a certified translation consultant and linguistics consultant and has worked with a number of sign language translation teams.

Linda is a certified American Sign Language interpreter and has interpreted in a variety of contexts. She has worked at a school for the Deaf and with programs for Deaf youth. She enjoys hospitality and encouraging others.

Stuart will be serving in a consulting role with our partners at Deaf Harbor to develop translation resources. He will also be working with our Consultant Training Initiative helping to better equip future translation consultants.

We appreciate your taking the time to look at their ministry. We would love to have you become part of their team of prayer and/or financial partners. Please prayerfully consider this.

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