Josh – translation consultant-in-training (CIT)



Josh and Audra Cadd, along with their two children, have served with DOOR International since 2012. Josh assists DOOR’s Deaf translation teams throughout the entire translation process: answering the team’s questions, checking passages verse-by-verse for exegetical accuracy and communication effectiveness, discussing problem areas with the team, and making suggestions for alternative solutions. Josh checks each draft until a high-quality version is reached, and can be sent to a consultant for final approval.

Prior to joining DOOR, Josh worked as a Site Volunteer Coordinator, getting people involved in the work of translation through volunteering. He facilitated teams that supported translation work through the construction of translation centers, IT, teaching, construction management, and office administration.

Your financial partnership with the Cadd family will provide critical support and resources for sign language Bible translation and Deaf church planting projects worldwide. Please pray about how you might partner with Josh and Audra in prayer, encouragement, and financial giving.

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