Jeremy – Global Technology Coordinator



Whitney was the first to serve with DOOR International in 2008, using her graphic design skills to create various DOOR staff newsletters. A year later, 2009, the entire family moved to Kenya to serve on the campus of DOOR Africa for 8 years. They relocated back to the USA in March 2017 due to medical reasons.

In his current role as Project Technology Coordinator, Jeremy provides consulting, training, and support to co-workers around the world in the areas of computers, video editing, and camera equipment. He also oversees all information systems planning, installation, and maintenance. Whitney uses the passion the Lord has given her for graphic design to create multiple newsletters, formats, and graphics. Whitney is also proficient in photography and uses this skill to support DOOR communications initiatives.

Your financial partnership with Jeremy and Whitney will provide critical support and resources for sign language Bible translation and Deaf church planting projects worldwide. Please pray about how you might partner with the Simons family in prayer, encouragement, and financial giving.

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