Chronological Bible Translation

1: God’s Creation (God Made Everything)

2: God Made Man & Woman

3: Man & Woman Disobey God

4: Cain & Abel

5: Noah and the Flood

6: Noah’s family and Tower of Babel

7: The Lord Calls Abram

8: Abram Saves Lot

9: The Lord’s Covenant with Abram – Land

10: Abram, Sarai & Hagar

11: God’s Covenant with Abraham – Circumcision

12: Three Men Visit Abraham

13: The Lord Destroys Sodom and Gomorrah

14: Abraham, Sarah and King Abimelech

15: Isaac’s Birth

16: God Tests Abraham

17: Joseph’s Brothers Betray Him

18: Joseph Resists Temptation

19: God Calls Moses

20: God Saves the Israelites from Egypt

21: Israelites Crossing the Red Sea

22: God Provides Food and Water to the Israelites

23: Ten Commandments

24: Israelites Make a Golden Calf

25: Instructions for Sacrifices

26: Miriam & Aaron Criticize Moses

27: Moses Sends 12 Men to Spy canaan

28: Israelites Capture the City of Jericho

29: Achan’s Sin and Israelites Defeat of Ai

30: The Lord Calls Samuel

31: Samuel Anoints David as King

32: David Defeats Goliath

33: David & Bathsheba

34: God’s Angelic Army Protects Elisha

35: God Promises a Saviour

36: Three Men Refuse to Worship the Tall Gold Statue

37: Daniel Thrown into the Lions’ den

38: Jesus is Born

39: John the Baptist Baptizes Jesus

40: The Devil Tempts Jesus

41: Jesus – God’s Lamb

42: Jesus Goes to the Temple

43: Nicodemus Meets Jesus

44: The Samaritan Woman

45: Three Men find Many Fish

46: Jesus Heals a Paralytic Man

47: Matthew Tax Collector

48: Jesus Heals a Roman Centurion’s Servant

49: A Woman Washes Jesus’ Feet

50: Jesus Calms the Storm & Orders Bad Spirits Out

51: Bleeding Woman & Jairus’ Daughter

52: Jesus Walk on Water

53: Jesus And a Deaf Man

54: Pharisees Question Jesus’ Disciples

55: Jesus Casts an Evil Spirit out of a Boy

56: What to Do if a Believer Sins

57: Pharisees Bring an Adulterous Woman to Question Jesus

58: Jesus Heals a Blind Man

59: Jesus Sends the 72 Followers in Groups of 2

60: How to Love God and People

61: Jesus Tells the Stories of a Lost Sheep, Lost Coin and Lost Son

62: Jesus gives the Story about the Rich Man & Lazarus

63: Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

64: Divorce

65: Jesus Visits Zacchaeus

66: The Last Supper (The Lord’s Supper)

67: Jesus is the True Vine

68: Jesus Prays in Gethsemane

69: Jewish Leaders Question Jesus

70: Pilate and Herod Question Jesus

71: Jesus is Crucified

72: Jesus’ Resurrection

73: Jesus Meets Two Followers on the Road

74: Jesus Appears to The Disciples

75: Jesus Commissions the Disciples & Goes to Heaven

76: God Sends the Holy Spirit

77: Believers’ Fellowship

78: The Lame Man Healed, Peter and John Arrested

79: The Believers Share, God Punishes Ananias and Sapphira for Telling a Lie

80: The Lord’s Angel frees the Apostles from prison

81: The Believers Choose Seven Men to help the Church

82: Stephen is Killed for preaching the Gospel

83: Philip and the Ethiopia Man

84: Saul’s Life is changed and Follows Jesus

85: Paul Preaches in Jerusalem

86: Jews accept the Salvation of the Gentiles

87: The believers Plant Church in Antioch

88: James is Killed, Peter is Imprisoned and an Angel Frees Peter from prison

89: Mission of Paul and Barnabas and a Jewish Sorcerer

90: Paul and Barnabas appoint Leaders for the Churches

91: Paul and Barnabas Separate

92: Follow God’s Spirit

93: Paul Goes to Macedonia

94: The Lord frees Paul and Silas from prison

95: Paul and Silas go to Thessalonica and Berea

96: Paul preaches in Corinth

97: Paul preaches in Ephesus

98: Avoid Sexual Sins

99: Paul teaches about Marriage

100: Paul teaches about the Lord’s Supper

101: Paul teaches about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

102: Paul Teaches about Suffering

103: Paul is Imprisoned in Jerusalem

104: Paul travels to Rome

105: Christ and church relationship as example for husband and wife

106: Put on God’s Armor

107: Striving to get God’s prize

108: Church Leaders and Deacons

109: The seven Churches

110: The End Times



Jesus Heals a Paralytic Man

Mark 2:1-12




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