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2021 FOBAI Virtual Annual Meeting Interpreter Application Form

  • General Information

  • If you are not using Chrome please switch to using Google Chrome for this Application thank you!

    This virtual meeting is scheduled for 9:00 am EDT to 12:30 pm EDT, Monday through Friday, April 19-23, 2021. Fill this form out completely. All information will be considered in the selection process. Submission of this form is not a guarantee that you will be selected. FOBAI Annual Meeting organizers and Deaf participants have requested an interpreting team that hold personal expressions of faith that fall within the mainstream of historic Christianity, per FOBAI’s membership criteria. For this conference, FOBAI is requesting a ministry rate at flat 1/2 day rate of $200.00 or hourly $50.00, as appropriate.

  • Personal Information

  • Submission of Work Samples

  • Please provide “cold” work samples–not rehearsed as this conference will have a simultaneous interpreting format. This is not a test; it will not be publicized. Your work samples will be used to help inform decisions about the best use of the talents God has given. We understand that you may not have experience with international signing. That does not disqualify you. We still ask that you submit all four video work samples, and just do your best.

    Below there is a video pane and a recording pane. Please start recording yourself first. (Once your video appears it will not start recording until you click the record button in the bottom left of the screen). Begin each work sample by announcing your name, source language and the target language. Once you have done this indicate when you are starting the video. Once you are done hit stop on the recording pane and wait for your video to upload. In the text box below the video a url will appear for your recorded video. If one does not appear shortly after you finished recording you will need to try again. Thank you!

  • Spoken English to ASL

  • Spoken English to International Sign

  • ASL to Spoken English

  • International Signing to Spoken English

    Here is a language sample that you are less likely to be familiar with. Please voice this work so we can see how you approach voicing work in a mix of foreign signed languages.