Welcome to our blog! It’s a sampling of the many testimonies and personal stories shared by Deaf people around the world.

When unreached Deaf encounter the Gospel in their heart sign language — brought to them on the hands of other Deaf nationals — their lives are transformed.  A life deeply changed and renewed by the gospel of Jesus Christ: it’s why we do what we do.

You can have an impact on the many lives within these Deaf communities. Learn more about partnering with us.

Restored Relationships

Francois Ndikumasabo has been working in Burundi for a long time in the 2-by-2 ministry. Our Africa 2-by-2 coordinator, Benard Thuku, asked him what his

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From Confusion to Clarity

Epidu attended a believers’ fellowship and watched all the other Deaf people give their testimonies, then stood up and shared this: “I don’t understand. This

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A Powerful Sight

Some of you may remember the rocky start our ministry had in Mozambique. We ended up sending a veteran missionary from Kenya’s 2-by-2 ministry along

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Igniting Something New

Wondwosen recently visited a Deaf believers’ fellowship his team in Ethiopia was responsible for founding. His team started out with teaching a CBT class in

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A Culture of Stories

Deaf people groups tend to gravitate toward stories. Good storytellers are recognized and known by name far and wide among the Deaf. The unique nature

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