Welcome to our blog! It’s a sampling of the many testimonies and personal stories shared by Deaf people around the world.

When unreached Deaf encounter the Gospel in their heart sign language — brought to them on the hands of other Deaf nationals — their lives are transformed.  A life deeply changed and renewed by the gospel of Jesus Christ: it’s why we do what we do.

You can have an impact on the many lives within these Deaf communities. Learn more about partnering with us.

A New Dawn in Tanzania

Deaf Camp Changes Lives Camps are put on by the 2-by-2 teams once or twice a year, and are opportunities for believers to meet believers

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Restored Relationships

Francois Ndikumasabo has been working in Burundi for a long time in the 2-by-2 ministry. Our Africa 2-by-2 coordinator, Benard Thuku, asked him what his

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From Confusion to Clarity

Epidu attended a believers’ fellowship and watched all the other Deaf people give their testimonies, then stood up and shared this: “I don’t understand. This

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A Powerful Sight

Some of you may remember the rocky start our ministry had in Mozambique. We ended up sending a veteran missionary from Kenya’s 2-by-2 ministry along

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Igniting Something New

Wondwosen recently visited a Deaf believers’ fellowship his team in Ethiopia was responsible for founding. His team started out with teaching a CBT class in

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