Welcome to our blog! It’s a sampling of the many testimonies and personal stories shared by Deaf people around the world.

When unreached Deaf encounter the Gospel in their heart sign language — brought to them on the hands of other Deaf nationals — their lives are transformed.  A life deeply changed and renewed by the gospel of Jesus Christ: it’s why we do what we do.

You can have an impact on the many lives within these Deaf communities. Learn more about partnering with us.

Ministry in Angola

DOOR International has been prayerfully working to start a church planting and evangelism ministry in Angola since 2019. About Angola Angola, a country located on

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Wait, Jesus Wept?

In Ethiopia, while watching the story of Lazarus’s death and the subsequent resurrection, one Deaf person interrupted the story to ask: Isn’t Jesus God? Then

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More Powerful than Charms

Pedro and Joao have been working in the region of Beira and surrounding communities for the past four years. The impact of having indigenous believers

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