Close And Yet Unreached

By Rob Myers
President, DOOR International

“Unreached.” The word sounds so foreign, so far off… so “other.” It’s true that there are people groups unreached by the Gospel of Christ in remote jungles in regions of the world very far from where we are. But did you know that one of the largest unreached, unengaged people groups is living right in our midst?

moz signerThe Deaf collectively represent one of the largest unreached, unengaged people groups (UUPGs) in the world. Estimated by the World Federation for the Deaf at around 70 million total with less than 2% knowing Christ, Deaf communities remain almost completely unreached, even within the walls and shadows of the hearing Christian church. This is the people group that DOOR International is committed to reaching with God’s Word and evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

Sunday, May 15 is the International Day for the Unreached, and DOOR International has joined with 60 other organizations, including Deaf Bible Society, to become a Count for Zero organization within the Issachar Initiative. Count for Zero organizations commit to reducing the number of unreached, unengaged people groups to zero by actively pursuing impactful, strategic, and long-lasting ministry among the places where the church does not exist. Specifically,

  1. UUPGs: We commit to projects that extend the reach of the Church to Unengaged, Unreached People Groups where there are currently no known full-time Christian workers attempting to do evangelism and church planting.
  2. Strategic Projects: We commit to projects focused on one or more of the five “currently very strategic” elements of the Great Commission.
  3. Statement of Faith: We commit to a statement of faith consistent with the Christian church’s historic creeds.

Will you join us in praying for the people groups we work among? Please pray specifically that

  • God would raise up local Deaf workers among these groups who can serve as leaders of this great movement of Christ among their Deaf communities.
  • God would prepare the hearts of men, women, and children in Deaf communities to experience his amazing grace and forgiveness for the first time.
  • God would connect DOOR with partners and advocates who can help spread the word about the great things God is doing among the Deaf and how others can join.
  • God would provide for the financial needs of our projects and support costs.

Please take a minute to pray for the Deaf worldwide, share this information with others, and give to support this vital work. Please also download the free Deaf Bible app, available for Android and iOS and share God’s Word with the Deaf right around you.