Will you pray for our Deaf translators?

"Pray for the health, courage, and fortitude of translation team members."

Today’s prayer request seems simple enough. But, have you ever stopped to think about the challenges facing sign language Bible translators?

  • Few resources.  As explained here, “source texts” and an ability to read the original biblical Hebrew and Greek texts are essential to Bible translation. However, most Deaf people never learned how to read, and there are very few source texts in any sign language.
  • Little experience.  Deaf teams usually have little to no experience in the work of Bible translation before being recruited by our staff.
  • Big task.  None of the world’s 350+ sign languages has a complete Bible.  Over 20 sign languages have Scripture portions, and American Sign Language has a complete New Testament.

Praise God for His faithfulness!  He never leaves our side, and He places no task ahead of us that we cannot accomplish through His strength.  Please include sign language Bible translators in your prayers today.  Pray also for Translation Consultants and Consultants-In-Training (CITs) who work closely with these teams.

Translating passages from Genesis had an amazing impact on Deaf translators from South Sudan.  You can read about it here.