Deaf leaders follow Paul and Silas example

In Acts 16, the infamous Macedonian Call diverts Paul and Silas from their original journey. On the way there, they were arrested in Philippi, beaten, and thrown into prison.


But, as a result of Paul and Silas’s containment, a Philippian jailer and his entire family became Christians. Read the full chapter here.

Today, we’re celebrating the “modern-day Paul and Silas’s” among our Deaf staff.

Last week, some of our Deaf leaders entered a war-torn country to help with community testing of the nation’s first-ever sign language Bible translation. DOOR’s Deaf translation team is working hard to complete a 110-story Study Bible in this country’s sign language by 2018.

Unfortunately, there is significant in-fighting in the Deaf association that DOOR partners with in this region. Some leaders at the association support and value DOOR’s partnership, while others do not. Upon learning that DOOR workers had entered the country, one senior leader of the Deaf association filed false charges. These accusations led local police to arrest and contain two of the Deaf leaders.

Even though the claims didn’t have an ounce of truth behind them, it was enough to keep DOOR’s leaders in a cell at the police station for several days.

Thankfully, the Lord answers the prayers of His people. Other members of the team doing community testing alerted DOOR’s senior leadership of the arrest, and believers began to pray. After a short appearance before a local magistrate, the pair of Deaf leaders were released.

Because of the region’s instability and the insecurity caused by this situation, Deaf staff were strongly encouraged by DOOR leadership to leave. “It would be much safer for you to return home,” they were told. “Your security can be guaranteed there.”

Deaf leaders’ passports were given back to them following their release from jail, so they had every ability to leave the country. However, after discussing it among themselves, the entire team decided to stay.

Deaf people in this battle-weary country have no access to the hope of Christ. Even though their safety isn’t guaranteed, DOOR’s Deaf leaders and translators are determined to stay and complete their work. In this way, the Gospel can reach the Deaf community as quickly as possible.

Would you partner with us in prayer for these modern-day examples of Paul and Silas?

  • Please pray for the continued safety of DOOR’s Deaf leaders and translation team.
  • Pray that community testing will help the Deaf team improve areas of the translation that need more clarity.
  • Pray for the eternal salvation of Deaf people who take part in community testing. Pray that seeing God’s Word in their heart sign language will open their eyes to the truth of Scripture.