Reaching the Deaf in Nigeria

Nearly 2 million Deaf people in Nigeria have no access to the Gospel.

While Deaf churches have been in Nigeria for some time, there is a HUGE need to equip the leaders. They need training in order to effectively teach God’s Word and reach many more Deaf people.

A recent five-day Chronological Bible Storying (CBS) training held by DOOR’s Deaf 2-by-2 teams was enriching, but the remaining need was clearly evident.

Though most Deaf adults say they fully understand God’s Word in sign language, they get confused because they try to compare it with the written Bible.

Deaf 2-by-2 teams are hopeful that, as they enter more Deaf communities in Nigeria, many Deaf people will be reached by seeing God’s Word in their heart sign language.

The year isn’t over yet but Deaf 2-by-2 teams have achieved every goal they set for 2016:

  • Train 16 new Deaf evangelists
  • Train 12 new Deaf leaders and teachers
  • Start 14 new Deaf believers’ fellowships
  • Start 6 new Deaf churches

More progress can and will be made in 2017 if the teams have your support.

Will you help us eliminate Gospel poverty in Nigeria by equipping a Deaf church planting team?

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