Deaf Muslim changes his view of Christianity

A life deeply changed and renewed by the Gospel: it’s why we do what we do. In their own words, a Deaf 2-by-2 team shares how the Lord is using them in Tanzania.

Kulanga’s testimony is a clear demonstration of God’s power.

Representative photo (Photo credit: Adam Jones via Flickr)
Representative photo
(Photo credit: Adam Jones via Flickr)

Kulanga is a Deaf man who grew up as a Muslim in eastern Tanzania. According to Reuters, the country’s population is split roughly in half between Christians and Muslims. Attacks initiated by radical Islamic factions have been a growing concern since 2012, as noted in this 2014 report.

Like many Muslims in Tanzania’s hearing population, Kulanga hated Christians. Even though he didn’t know much about Islam, he despised Christians and anything to do with the Church. He frequently discouraged Deaf people from attending Chronological Bible Study (CBS) classes we hosted.

Nonetheless, Deaf people were curious about these new teachings, and they were excited to see God’s Word in their heart sign language.

Watch a Tanzanian Sign Language Bible here!

Word quickly spread in Deaf communities throughout the region, and our CBS class grew and grew. Eventually, even Kulanga became curious. He attended one of the classes, and God began to work on his heart. He was attentive the whole time, and kept asking questions.

At the end of the study, Kulanga signed, “I now have a better understanding about Christians, and the Bible has very good teaching.”

Today, Kulanga is one of our biggest advocates. He talks well about our program and Christianity in general. We are praying that Jesus will reveal himself to Kulanga.

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