Freed By Forgiveness

Ramon*, a DOOR 2-by-2 worker serving in a southern state in Marcam, got a panicked call from a Deaf woman one day. She begged him to try to help her husband, Madhu*. He had left her, and she didn’t know where he was. She asked Ramon if he could try to bring her husband back to Christ.

Ramon prayed for wisdom and guidance, and then reached out to the Deaf community in another state. He soon found Madhu. Madhu used to go to a church several years ago, but he hadn’t attended for a long time. Ramon kept building a relationship with Madhu, eventually finding out that Madhu had left his wife because they had been fighting a lot. Madhu was struggling with many unwanted temptations, specifically drugs and an attraction to other men. He decided to give in when things got bad in his family life. He moved so that he could engage fully in drugs and explore sexual freedom.

Madhu - before

God's Love Transforms

Ramon’s heart broke for this man and his wife. He started witnessing to Madhu about God’s love for him, as he could see that Madhu had never understood that during the time he attended church a few years ago. After several conversations about the Gospel, Madhu agreed to give his relationship with his wife and his life at home another chance. He left his job and moved back. His wife went to stay in a church member’s home so that they both could have space as they studied the Word of God and started to seek God’s will for their future.

Ramon kept teaching the Bible to Madhu and his wife, and one day, Madhu asked if he could be saved. He could finally see how much God loved him, and how He had created him wonderfully and fearfully. Madhu realized that his sins were distancing him from God, and he didn’t want to live without Jesus anymore. He accepted Christ into his heart, and Ramon and the other Deaf people around him have seen him visibly transform. He is eager to continue learning more about God and only wants to live a life pleasing to Him. The couple are back together, and they are being mentored by Ramon. The forgiveness Jesus offers has freed Madhu from his addictions.

Madhu - after