Training the trainers

Meet Solomon. He’s a leader of a Deaf church in Ethiopia, but he had very little training to prepare him for that task.

“As a leader of a Deaf church, the Deaf believers were expecting me to teach God’s Word every Sunday and whenever we had fellowship. Since I can read a bit of Amharic (the spoken/written language of Ethiopia), I would pick a few verses and try to teach from them.

“I struggled a lot with preparing sermons, because even though I could read the words, I missed the connections and meaning. This was clear in my preaching; it was hard for the Deaf believers to follow and benefit.


Solomon is a Deaf church leader from Ethiopia. He struggled to lead his congregation until the day he met DOOR's 2-by-2 team.

“I was stuck. I could not grow or help Deaf people grow in their faith. I was frustrated and hoped someday we would find a solution.”

Everything changed when Solomon met DOOR’s 2-by-2 team.

“Today, I am so happy that God had plans to solve the problem. When I met the Ethiopian 2-by-2 team, and they introduced me to CBS and the Bible in Ethiopian Sign Language, I knew that God had answered my prayers.

The Bible in Ethiopian Sign Language is God's answer to all our prayers.

“Now, I am daily growing in my faith as I watch the Bible in Ethiopian Sign Language. I am able to teach without struggles, and the Deaf believers are learning much, much more than before.”

Again and again, the Deaf say that they never really understood the Bible until they learned it through Chronological Bible Storying.