Wait, Jesus Wept?

In Ethiopia, while watching the story of Lazarus’s death and the subsequent resurrection from John 11, one Deaf person interrupted the story to ask:

Isn't Jesus God? Then how could He weep?

John 11 in Ethiopian Sign Language

The leader showing them the story through the Ethiopian Sign Language translation explained that Jesus was both fully God and human. As God, He had the ability to help us in our times of need and forgive our sins. As a human, He could identify and relate to our weaknesses and challenges in life.

After he had explained this, the eyes of every Deaf person in the room were wide open in amazement. Many of them had struggled a lot in life, and had felt like nobody could relate to them.

Some of them said, “A God who can identify and relate to our challenges in life is worth our trust.” Their understanding of God has changed on a deep level. Praise God for the impact the translated Scripture in Ethiopian Sign Language is having on the Deaf community!