DOOR leaders uncover deep need in the Holy Land

Visiting the Holy Land brings those who follow Christ to a new level of understanding. This comprehension is critical for people like our Deaf leaders and Consultants-in-Training (CITs), who help translation teams understand the context of God’s Word.

deaf-cits13 Deaf leaders from 5 different nations are back home this week after an intensive four-week study tour of Israel.

“My understanding of the Truth of God’s Word — as seen in Biblical times — has blossomed so much,” shares Mark Sorenson, DOOR’s Program Coordinator for the Americas and Eurasia.

“After seeing the Holy Land, it is now very evident that the Word of God in the Bible is genuine!”

Growing in knowledge and understanding of God’s Word wasn’t the only benefit of this trip. DOOR’s Deaf CITs also uncovered a deep need.

One night, the group made plans to visit a community center where the local Deaf population was gathering for a lecture. Unfortunately, the team got lost along the way, and discovered upon arrival that they had missed the speech.

But, they stumbled upon something far better — a Gospel opportunity.

“The people there were amazed to see a group of Deaf from so many different countries,” explains Sorenson. “They asked us to tell them about our purpose for this trip. We explained and showed one of our Bible translation videos on the screen.”

One Israeli Deaf leader stood spellbound, his eyes riveted to the screen.

“Do you have those in Israeli Sign Language?” he asked Sorenson. Upon Mark’s negative reply, the man exclaimed, “Why not?!”

One of the requirements for all Israeli students is to learn God’s stories. This man told Sorenson that he knew the stories well, but this was his first time ever seeing them in sign language.

Pray for a future Bible translation in Israeli Sign Language. Ask the Lord to open doors of opportunity, and move in the hearts of both hearing and Deaf believers to begin this work.

DOOR equips Deaf nationals to translate God’s Word into their heart sign language. Learn how the process works here.