A Powerful Sight

Some of you may remember the rocky start our ministry had in Mozambique. We ended up sending a veteran missionary from Kenya’s 2-by-2 ministry along with the teams to better encourage and mentor them in their spiritual journey as they work to minister to Deaf in Mozambique. There are few Deaf Christians in Mozambique, and almost none of them are spiritually mature Christians ready to provide mentoring and guidance to the teams.

However, with the addition of the Kenyan missionary, we have seen tremendous growth in the Mozambique ministry. Recently, we received a powerful video showing a small rural church with a young Deaf man leading the congregation in a song. Next to the lead singer stood a young Deaf woman holding an offering basket. The Deaf people in the congregation were coming up to the basket and putting in their offerings.

This powerful sight touched us, knowing that these Deaf Mozambicans were freely offering up the little they had. We have added this video to this post, and please pray for these Deaf people as you watch!