Praise report: South Asia

God is moving among the Deaf in South Asia! Neeraj and Deepak, a team of Deaf church planters, recently held a two-day Deaf youth camp. Approximately 50 Deaf young people attended, and many of them saw God’s Word in sign language for the very first time.


Flickr_South Asia 1 credit Dennis Candy_03.29.17
(Photo credit: Dennis Candy)

Mahesh was born deaf and, like many of his Deaf peers, he often struggled with depression. Temporary highs could not chase away the darkness. His addictions to sexual pleasure and alcohol brought no lasting joy to his life.

Everything changed for Mahesh when he attended the youth camp.

Deaf leaders shared a biblical narrative from Matthew 5:14-44: the Sermon on the Mount. Mahesh began to realize that he was living a sinful life. He saw that his life was not pleasing to God, and he wanted to change. He eagerly accepted Christ as his Savior.

Mahesh is eager to learn more from God’s Word, and asks many questions. Please keep him in your prayers.


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(Photo credit: Dennis Candy)

When friends invited Shyam to the camp led by Neeraj and Deepak, he initially hesitated.

I’ve never been to something like this before, Shyam thought. I have no idea what to expect. Will they try to change me?

Shyam had interacted with the Deaf leaders on a few occasions. They were always sharing those Bible stories, and asking him questions about things he had never considered. Curiosity overcame Shyam’s fear, and he decided to go.

At the youth camp, Shyam felt compelled to share his troubles with Neeraj and Deepak. He shared about his many failed relationships, and how depressed he felt. The Deaf leaders used this opportunity to share the Gospel.

Neeraj and Deepak taught Shyam that living such a lifestyle would never please God. They explained that he would never find satisfaction outside of a relationship with Christ.

No one had ever made Shyam understand God’s Word like this. Moved by the care shown to him by Neeraj and Deepak, Shyam decided to accept Christ. He signs, “God’s Word has changed my life.”


Flickr_South Asia 3 credit Dennis Candy_03.29.17
(Photo credit: Dennis Candy)

Parth grew up in a rich family. He despised the poor, and lied constantly. As a model, he lived an extremely worldly lifestyle.

When he attended the DOOR youth camp, Parth learned about Jesus for the very first time. In the past, Parth had learned about Muslim and Hindu gods, but none of them was like this Christ.

Quite a few things took Parth aback:

  • God is truth, and He never changes.
  • God created ALL of mankind – including the blind, Deaf, and mentally challenged.
  • He loves ALL of mankind, like a father loves a son.

Parth accepted salvation, and is eager to continue learning. Please pray for this new believer as he grows in faith.

“I used to live a sinful life but now Jesus has changed me,” he signed.