CBT transforms Deaf lives in Tanzania

This testimony came from a new Deaf believer in Tanzania:
“I’ve been part of a discipleship group in the Mbeya region for over a month now. I felt the Lord calling me to be part of the group after I had learned some Scripture through my first language—sign language—from the 2-by-2 team. 

“For so long, the Deaf in Mbeya had never been reached with the Gospel because of the unfriendly environment in the churches of the region. No churches in Mbeya have interpreted services despite being one of the leading areas in the country with the most churches and Christians. The CBT program is bringing a revolution to the Deaf people. It has transformed some of us into more mature and dedicated Christ followers.

“I’ve seen one of the women in my group becoming saved despite her highly superstitious family and background. It’s because of our discipleship group that she felt equipped to become a future disciple-maker herself!”

Praise the Lord for the transformation happening in Deaf lives in Tanzania! Pray with us as God continues to work through the 2-by-2 teams and the CBT to bring about even more lasting change.