The Bible in Ghanaian Sign Language

How many Bibles do you have in your home? How many different versions (KJV, NIV, NLT, etc) do you own? Think of the easy access you have to God’s Word on various Bible apps or websites. God’s Word is, for many of us, a mere click away, or on your nightstand where you can grab it at a moment’s notice.

This is not the reality for most Deaf communities worldwide. Many of them lack access to God’s Word in their language, and even more have no verses of Scripture translated into their language. However, DOOR International is working to change that and we are pleased to announce that we now have the Chronological Bible Translation in Ghanaian Sign Language up on our website and YouTube! Go here to access it.

We are thankful for your partnership and support as we work to provide more ways for Deaf people to come to know Christ, to have the Gospel in their heart language, and become part of the Body of Christ.