From Hopeless to Hopeful

*Kiran and *Soneeya had no hope. A Deaf couple from Asia, they didn’t know God. The only Deaf people in their families, they were mistreated. Their families never let them forget that they were different. Not normal. Not hearing. Not a part of society.

Kiran and Soneeya became so beaten down and disheartened by the constant abuse from the people around them. They felt unvalued. They felt worthless. They felt unloved. They talked together and decided that life on this earth was no longer worth it. They were ready to end it all.


One of DOOR’s 2-by-2 missionaries, *Gopal, was visiting other Deaf people in the area where Kiran and Soneeya lived. He happened to meet them one day, and struck up a conversation. During that conversation, Kiran poured his heart out to Gopal, talking about how he no longer wished to live.

Gopal, along with his wife, started visiting Kiran and Soneeya, sharing about God’s love for them. They spent countless hours together, with Gopal and his wife sharing from the Word and counseling this young Deaf couple with no hope.

Kiran and Soneeya are now beginning to have hope. With the support and encouragement from Gopal and his wife, they are slowly learning how to not let this broken world get to them. Please keep Kiran and Soneeya in your prayers. Pray that they might come to know Christ as their Savior, and that they may give their hearts to Him.