An Unexpected Tragedy

The 2-by-2 teams in Ghana are working on coming up with innovative ways to reach the unreached Deaf people in their communities. One successful method is to invite Deaf people to church with the promise of a soccer game afterwards. Many young Deaf men are being reached through the teams’ using sports as a way to evangelize.

However, there are still many challenges and dangers to ministering to Deaf people in Ghana. In December 2020, the Deaf church in Kumasi reached out to Emmanuel Achemapong to ask him about one of their church members. This young Deaf man was a new believer, and was very passionate about his participation and service at church. One Sunday, he didn’t come to church. None of the community had seen him. After several days passed without anyone seeing him, the Kumasi Deaf church started to worry. They reached out to Emmanuel A. to see if he had received any word of this young man.

Emmanuel A. and the 2-by-2 teams started to pray that God would help them find this young man and bring him back if possible. After praying, they went out on a search and found him. Apparently, a gang in town had robbed him and beaten him to death. The entire church was in shock. This promising young man, an emerging leader in their congregation, had his life here on this earth cut short.

The Deaf church got together to plan his funeral, hiring interpreters to interpret for his hearing family members, and had a beautiful service to celebrate his life. We are thankful that this young man had already accepted Jesus into his heart, and the Kumasi Deaf congregation is looking forward to meeting him again in heaven.