Church is for Deaf people, too

One of DOOR’s Deaf 2-by-2 teams is seeing an upsurge of Deaf believers in Ghana. Hearts are changing as Deaf people see God’s truth in sign language, the language of their heart.

Take Amoah, for example. He thought Christianity was for hearing people only.

“I was born and raised here in Koforidua. Church has never been part of my life. I attended a hearing church growing up and I didn’t like it. Church was tailored for hearing people and since I am Deaf, there was no sense of belonging for me. 

“This changed in April when some Deaf friends told me about a Deaf church that was led by a Deaf pastor. I was immediately curious because I had never imagined a church led by a Deaf person. I attended a Deaf believers’ fellowship with my friends, where a Deaf pastor taught God’s Word in sign language.

(Representative photo)

It completely transformed my life. Through the teaching and preaching of God’s Word in my heart language, I became fully aware of my sins and how my lifestyle grieves God. I accepted God’s forgiveness in Christ, and I now think differently.

“Recently, my Deaf pastor taught about water baptism and I was the first to be baptized. I am so thankful to God for reaching out to me and using Deaf believers who communicate in the language I understand best. I feel a burden in my heart to tell every Deaf person I meet about God’s love for them. God indeed loves Deaf people and wants us to spend eternity with him in heaven.” 

I was wrong; the Church is not just for hearing people. The Church is for Deaf people, too.

90% of Deaf people like Amoah struggle to read the written Bible. See what DOOR is doing about it here.