2-by-2 Tuesday: From one war to another

Wikipedia_South_Sudan_soldierEarlier this week, South Sudan issued a regional and global cry for help. The U.S. and Kenya are responding, but will it be enough to keep the world’s newest nation afloat?

“We have been facing difficulties in delivering services to the people…We are experiencing severe inflation because of the civil war, poor oil production, and the low oil prices, which have basically drained us,” said South Sudan’s First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai.

“We asked Kenya for help so that our economy does not grind to a halt.”

Meanwhile, a former South Sudanese government employee is about to wage war of a different kind.

Maker (MAH-KERR) is a brand-new Deaf 2-by-2 team member from South Sudan. He and his Deaf teammate, Mathew, are being trained at DOOR-Africa before being sent into the field to reach Deaf communities for Christ.

“I love the work of 2-by-2,” Maker signs. Before coming to DOOR, Maker worked for the Sudanese government. He fled for his life in July 2010, almost a year to the day before South Sudan became an independent nation.

“I want to lead and guide Deaf people to God.”

Maker escaped his nation’s civil war to wage a war for Deaf souls. Together with Mathew, Maker will introduce Deaf communities to Christ using a language that speaks to their hearts: South Sudanese Sign Language.

DOOR International’s 2-by-2 Program follows a model set forth by Jesus in Mark 6: “And he called the twelve and began to send them out two by two…” Using sign language Scripture produced by DOOR’s Deaf translation team, Maker and Mathew will bring the Gospel to Deaf people in and around Juba.

“2-by-2 is difficult because you always have to teach very basic things when you enter a village. There is no Bible in South Sudanese Sign Language. So, before you can talk about Jesus, you have to start with Creation.

“Whether it is a Deaf child or Deaf adult, you have to start very basic because they have no Bible.”

Maker sits in a training session with other new 2-by-2 teams.
Maker sits in a training session with other new 2-by-2 teams.

Maker and Mathew’s ministry is critical for reaching 82,600 South Sudanese Deaf people with the Gospel. South Sudan’s ongoing violence has displaced over 2 million civilians, making the Deaf – a minority group within this population — even more difficult to locate.

But, Deaf individuals are well-connected to the wider Deaf community. Maker and Mathew can find Deaf communities, but they need your prayers.

“Please ask God to help us find Deaf people. The war is making this nearly impossible,” signs Maker.

“Ask God to help South Sudanese hearing churches, too. Some hearing churches are trying to help nearby Deaf communities, but they do not know South Sudanese Sign Language.”

You can help Maker and Mathew start their work in South Sudan by becoming a financial partner. At the bottom of the Donate page, just select “2-by-2 Teams” from the drop-down list and type “South Sudan” in the Comments section.