Christian life doubles troubles for Mayank

Being Deaf is not a problem or handicap. Deafness is a way of life, and an important part of who we are. Read more about that here. However, for hearing family members, deafness is often a source of shame. Becoming a Christian only adds to the dishonor.

(Representative photo. Credit: Bryan T via Flickr)

“Mayank” entered this doubly difficult life when he became a believer. Mayank’s love for Christ runs deep, but it is a secret love. He dreads what would happen if his parents ever discovered he was a Christian.

Sometimes, this secret can be a weighty burden to bear. The only time this burden lessens is when he goes to DOOR’s Chronological Bible Studies.

Being a Christian requires patience

Mayank attends these Bible studies regularly, and asks many questions. At times, his thirst for knowledge seems like it will never be fully quenched. A recent lesson from one of DOOR’s Deaf 2-by-2 leaders helped ease Mayank’s troubled mind.

The 2-by-2 leader taught about “Patience in Suffering” from James 5:7-11. Through this teaching, Mayank began to realize that a true Christian life is full of hardship. God’s Word says that Christ’s followers are to suffer as He did. Mayank also learned that he has to show patience when he goes through trials.

These teachings strengthened Mayank’s faith and gave him a new perspective. Will you please keep him in your prayers?


  • Please continue to pray for Mayank and his spiritual life.
  • Pray for Deaf Christians who are seeking answers to their many spiritual questions. Also, pray that they would gain access to sign language Scripture and find the answers they seek.
  • Pray for DOOR’s Deaf 2-by-2 teams who are bringing God’s Word in sign language to Deaf people who do not know Him.