Sorenson leads session at Deaf Christian Leaders Conference 2016

This week, DOOR International and six U.S. Deaf ministries are teaming up to equip and empower Deaf leaders at the Deaf Christian Leaders Conference.

21cdc-bannerHundreds of Deaf and a few hearing leaders are gathering in Omaha, Nebraska, to learn “best practices” in Deaf worship, technology use, youth ministry, and more.

“This is the most well-attended of all of the conferences that have been held up to this point,” shares Mark Sorenson, DOOR’s Program Coordinator for the Americas and Eurasia.

“There are a number of different topics and a number of different resources that are going to be available for people to use, and [for] Deaf people to be aware of as they come out of this conference.”

In a recent interview with Mission Network News, Sorenson detailed the purpose and power this conference holds for Deaf believers in the U.S.

“They struggle a lot with following a hearing model for church, which doesn’t match Deaf culture and Deaf methods,” Sorenson explains.

“If they can see methods that really match the Deaf community and engage Deaf people, and [then] get involved in those – that can have an amazing impact on the Deaf community.”

This afternoon, Sorenson is leading a session titled, “Engaging the Deaf Community through Bible Stories.” Specifically, he’ll be sharing four benefits of using Chronological Bible Translation (CBT) to share God’s Word with the Deaf.

“My hope is that people will be able to make contacts [and] use some of the resources that are available in the Deaf community locally,” he signs.

Here’s how you can pray for the Deaf Christian Leaders Conference:

  • Pray that all Deaf leaders will leave the conference with clear understanding and the resources they need.
  • Pray that more biblical resources will be developed in sign language.
  • Pray that DOOR’s 2-by-2 program will grow and more Deaf churches will be planted around the world.