Ready to see Deaf lives transformed

A life deeply changed and renewed by the Gospel: it’s why we do what we do. In his own words, a member of the Deaf translation team shares why he’s passionate about the Nigerian Sign Language translation.

My name is Mathew, and I am a Deaf translator with the Nigeria Sign Language team. I was born Deaf and have other Deaf siblings. Growing up, I never had an opportunity to interact with the Word of God because my family is predominantly Muslim.

matthew-storyWhen I came to work with DOOR, I did not know what that actually entailed. Little did I know that my life would forever be transformed. At first, every Bible story was new to me and created a thirst in me to learn more and more. Every story I signed began speaking to me and challenged my life.

Today, I feel more than equipped to take the Word of God to the Deaf in Nigeria. Many are just like I was, not knowing the Word of God. My desire is that the same transformation that occurred in me through interacting with sign language Scripture will also occur in them.

I believe sign language Bible translation is an answered prayer for the many Deaf souls in Nigeria that are perishing in sin.

I am convinced that the signed Word of God that has changed my life for good will equally transform their lives. This motivates me to work hard and sign as many Bible stories as possible.

Here’s how you can pray for Mathew and his fellow Deaf translators:

  • Continue to pray for the Deaf churches in Nigeria. Pray that they will embrace the Chronological Bible Translation and use it in the Deaf churches.
  • Pray for the team as they reunite with their families after being away for 9 months. Pray that God will give them good reunions.
  • Pray for upcoming community testing in northern Nigeria. Pray that God will give the team and the consultant safety and that their time will be fruitful.

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