Ukraine needs you! DOOR is partnering with Deaf Bridge, another non profit with connections in Ukraine, to help Deaf Ukrainians flee the country to safety or to provide supplies to Deaf people who want to stay in the country. Deaf Bridge has teams set up on both sides of the Romanian-Ukrainian border. On the Ukrainian side, they have a team of 9 Deaf drivers who go pick up Deaf refugees from all over Ukraine and bring them to either the Romanian border or the city of Chernivtsi, where the Deaf refugees are being housed in two Deaf schools as they decide whether they want to stay or flee. The drivers also deliver groceries to Deaf people who have decided to stay (most of them being elderly) and are unable to get food and supplies due to the supply chains being cut off.
On the Romanian side, there is a specific building designated for Deaf refugees only, and a team of interpreters working to help the Deaf Ukrainians get through customs and the refugee process. $100 helps save 20 people, so please prayerfully consider donating to this relief effort.