Deaf CIT leads first community test in Mozambique

Simon is a Deaf CIT (Consultant-in-Training) working at DOOR-Africa with the Mozambican Sign Language translation team. Together they are translating the very first set of Bible passages in Mozambican Sign Language.

A recent community testing session was the Deaf community’s first exposure to God’s Word in their heart sign language.

“I have learned a lot from community testing,” signs Simon.

door international deaf cit“The latest session…reinforced the idea that I should always think about the average Deaf person when doing translation. [This will help ensure] that any Deaf person can understand the Scriptures.”

Members of the Mozambican Deaf community had many questions. This was their first time ever seeing Bible passages, and they were eager to learn more.

It was not always easy to answer their questions.

“It was hard to fully understand the sign language used in Mozambique. This, coupled with the fact that I do not know the spoken language (Portuguese) and therefore could not fingerspell any words to the Deaf, was a communication challenge,” Simon explains.

“I used a lot of drama to ensure I was clear. I also used Deaf interpreters to assist me pass the message to the Deaf.”

Now, DOOR’s Deaf translators and Simon will use the Deaf community’s feedback to improve their translation. Once a final draft is completed, DOOR will publish the very first Chronological Bible Translation in Mozambican Sign Language.

“September is when we hope to be finished,” Simon adds.

Less than 10% of the world’s 400+ sign languages have any portions of translated Scripture.

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