Restoration through Christ

A life deeply changed and renewed by the Gospel: it’s why we do what we do. In his own words, a Deaf translator shares how the Lord is using sign language Scripture to bring restoration to his life:

There was a time in my life when I felt like I was alone in this world and no one needed me. My family was broken, and my daughter did not want to see me or visit me for long time. God blessed me with a Deaf family and we can all communicate to each other very well in sign language, but the most important people in my life were not with me.

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Today, when I look back, I realize God had a plan for me and He has never forgotten me.

God remembered me and gave me the opportunity to serve him as a facilitator for DOOR’s translation team. I have been to Bible college and learned many things about the Bible, but when I began work with the sign language translation team, it was a new experience. The people mentoring the team built relationships with the translators and tried to help them. They encouraged me to build my relationship with my daughter, and they gave me the courage to take the first step.

When I came back from Kenya, I went to meet her. To my surprise, she started to share her problems with me. I could not express the joy of helping my daughter to solve her problems. The restoration is amazing. My daughter knew God as a child, but did not have any relationship with Him as an adult. I used this opportunity of re-connecting to encourage her to go to church.

Even though her attendance is irregular, it is great to know that she has started to go to church. And, to my surprise, she decided to visit me. It was a wonderful time. One of my friends, who is a missionary, happened to be with me when she came to visit. My daughter asked him questions about Jesus. We talked a lot and had a great time together.

In the midst of all of this, I realized that God had been changing me so I could be a better father for my daughter and bring little changes to our relationship. I really thank God for it. Please pray for my daughter, I want her to be in His kingdom.

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