Deaf Muslims encounter God’s Truth

door international ghananain sign language
Ghana’s ancient Larabanga Mosque.
(Photo credit: Erik Cleves Kristensen via Flickr)

DOOR Africa helped translate a portion of God’s Word into Ghanaian Sign Language. When the team went back to Ghana for community testing of the translation, they invited a group of Muslims from a local mosque. The group was intrigued by the exercise, and remained captivated during the entire checking process.

After the process was completed, they came up to the leaders and shared the following:

“For years we’ve gone to the mosque, but we’ve never understood what was happening there.

“We would participate in the prayers, since we can see what people are doing, but then the imam gets up to speak and we are completely lost. We just leave the building and stand around and talk outside. But today, for the first time, we understand who God is and why He made this world. The stories are so clear!

“When the translation is completed, can we get a number of copies so we can pass them out to other Deaf people at the mosque?”

Truly, God is touching hearts and lives through access to His Word in their heart language! Praise Him for this development, and pray many Deaf Muslims will come to know the Lord by encountering His Truth in Ghanaian Sign Language.

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