Following His lead

“Nikolas” was born Deaf and grew up in a Catholic family. He was very interested in attending church services as child, even though he did not understand what was going on. Nikolas stopped attending church when he grew up, until he met some 2-by-2 missionaries and heard about DOOR and its ministry. He began attending the local Deaf believers’ fellowship.

Soon after, Nikolas was affected with a disturbing physical illness that doctors were not able to identify. Out of frustration, he stopped attending fellowship regularly. Nikolas became frustrated because, even though he had been praying and attending fellowship, God did not heal him.

Then, he saw the story of Nicodemus, signed by DOOR translators using Chronological Bible Translation (CBT).

Nikolas was moved. He started thinking about what it means to born again. After understanding God’s command, he was baptized.

The real monster in Nikolas’ life was not his sickness, but his family. When he returned home after the baptism, he put his wet clothes outside to dry. His parents found the wet clothes and asked, “What happened to your clothes? How did they get wet?”

Nikolas shared with them what he had learned, and about how he was born again. They were angry with him and started causing problems. He said to his parents, “I am not able to explain what I am feeling now, but you will see the changes in me from now onward.”

In time, Nikolas’s parents saw a very big change in his life. They are now happy with him, and do not try and stop him from attending church and fellowships.

“God gave me a good mobile phone; now I can have access to God’s Word, which is helping me stand firm through my difficulties. I thank God for DOOR and its translation ministry,” he says.

Nikolas has now dedicated his life to the Lord’s ministry among the Deaf community. Please uphold him in your prayers. Pray for both his physical health and spiritual growth.

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