God’s Word transforms a marriage

“Through the grace of God and enabling of the Holy Spirit, God has transformed my family for the better.”

As explained here, Deaf translators at DOOR use Chronological Bible Translation (CBT) to put God’s Word into heart sign languages. DOOR translators have completed several sign language translations, and you can see them here.

More translations are continually “in the works” at DOOR, because less than 2% of the Deaf globally have ever been exposed to the Gospel message. As DOOR translators work hard to make sign language Scripture available for their communities, their lives are transformed along the way.

Take the following testimony from Godstime, for example:

“My name is Godstime, and I am a Deaf translator working with the Nigerian Sign Language translation team. As I sign God’s Word, He is challenging me in many ways and transforming me and my family, too.

sign language Bible translation
Godstime signs a Bible story.

“Recently when I went to Nigeria, I watched a passage from Galatians 5 with my wife. This Bible portion is about the fruit of the Spirit. The Bible talks about the fruit of the flesh in comparison to the fruit of the Spirit.

“After watching the story, we realized that we have gratified the fruit of the flesh many times, both in our words and deeds. We complain to each other and often got angry at each other. But, after learning about the fruit of the Spirit, we saw that we needed this to have a harmonious and loving relationship.

“My wife and I forgave each other and asked God to instill and cultivate within us the fruit of the Spirit. Through the grace of God and enabling of the Holy Spirit, God has transformed my family for the better. There are now deep expressions of love and patience. We are now living in peace, as opposed to arguing and quarreling.

“I have learned that there are no successful Christian lives or marriages without the working of the Holy Spirit. It’s my earnest prayer that the Holy Spirit will constantly work in me and transform me and my family for His glory. I also labor to serve God as a Bible translator here at DOOR. I pray that many deaf people in Nigeria will interact with the precious Word of God, and get to know this priceless Truth about the fruit of the Spirit.”

Global research indicates that less than two percent of Deaf are Christians. You can play a critical role in changing those statistics. DOOR has the funding for a majority of our translation work, but we still need support. By giving $20/verse or $600 per story, you can help us provide God’s Word for the first time to thousands of Deaf people in Nigeria. At the bottom of the Donate page, just select “Translation” from the drop-down list and type “Nigerian Sign Language” in the Comments section.