“God has not forgotten the Deaf”

The following testimony comes from a Deaf man working with DOOR International in a highly-sensitive region. Names and locations have been changed for security purposes.

Eurasia_man signing_croppedMy name is Michael and I am helping the Chiwit Sign Language translation team. I am also getting 2-by-2 training from DOOR so that one day I can start and lead a Deaf believers’ fellowship.

All the stories I have seen and learned since starting translation work are new to me, and I like them a lot. They make me to want to learn more about who God is. The stories that touched my heart most are “Jesus and the Deaf Man,” and “Herod and Pilate Question Jesus.”

Through “Jesus and the Deaf Man,” I realized that Jesus loves deaf as well as hearing people, and wants to help and heal. God has not forgotten nor dismissed us. Instead, He loves us, helps us, and wants to use us to translate His Word and reach other Deaf people. In the passage, “Herod and Pilate Question Jesus,” Jesus agreed to be questioned by Pilate and Herod, and even to be beaten. Jesus suffered everything for us. I felt very sorry for Him and I realized that I also have to suffer.

If people create problems, I should not reply with evil. Instead, I should be willing to suffer as Jesus did. Jesus was ready to die on a cross because of my sin. If God gives me a job, I need to be ready to go to fulfill it.

Global research indicates that less than two percent of Deaf are Christians. You can play a critical role in changing those statistics. DOOR has the funding for a majority of our translation work, but we still need support. By giving $20/verse or $600 per story, you can help us provide God’s Word for the first time to thousands of Deaf people in Eurasia.  At the bottom of the Donate page, just select “Translation” from the drop-down list and type “Chiwit” in the Comments section.