Feeding the Hungry

In our last report, we shared that many Deaf children were suffering from double hunger in South Sudan: hunger for both physical food and God’s Word. Many of you read about this hunger and were led to help. We thank you for your generous contributions, which enabled the South Sudan 2-by-2 teams to deliver food to many hungry Deaf families and children.

These unexpected donations came at the perfect time. You enabled DOOR to deliver food soon after South Sudan experienced bouts of flooding, which then plunged the country into drought, making an already difficult situation nearly impossible. Many families faced starvation because of this disaster.

In the month of April, the teams invested a significant amount of their time into identifying the affected Deaf people and sharing food donations with them along with the Gospel. 2-by-2 leader Morris Yanga said, “It is hard to fully describe how families, especially children, are touched by the acts of food donation. Their whole faces light up and they have the biggest smiles. It is clear that their lives are impacted by receiving these donations.”

One young Deaf boy, who goes to a Deaf school that is visited by the teams weekly, was disheartened when his school closed at the beginning of April. At home, he would usually get one meal per day. At school, he would get an extra meal. But when his school closed, the teams showed up at his house with flour, cooking oil, and bread.

This boy told them: “When you came with the food, I remembered a Bible story you had told us in school a while ago. The story was about Jesus feeding many people with a few loaves of bread and fish. This morning, I had prayed for God to do a miracle for us because I was hungry. He answered that prayer the very same day. I truly believe God sees and answers prayers even when it seems impossible.”

Another person fed by the teams, a Deaf woman with a small child and no income, was encouraged by the 2-by-2 leaders to continue to trust God. She signed: “I believe God does care for me. Even though things are really hard, God continues to send assurance in different ways to show that He cares.”

You made this tangible demonstration of God’s love for the Deaf people of South Sudan in the midst of starvation and hopelessness possible! Pray for the faith of those people to not be shaken, but to continue growing even in the face of impossible circumstances.