What happens when you #GiveDeafHope?

What follows is an example of how God is using DOOR’s Deaf 2-by-2 teams in Nigeria. It’s one Deaf leader’s testimony as shared with a 2-by-2 team:

givedeafhope_givingtuesday“When I first met the Deaf 2-by-2 staff in Nigeria, I was teaching God’s Word to Deaf believers using written materials. Oftentimes I didn’t feel that I understood fully what I was teaching. What most people don’t know is that written languages are not easily and fully understood by many Deaf people. But, God had a better plan!

“When I met the Deaf 2-by-2 staff, they gave me an answer to my many years of hoping and waiting – portions of the Bible in Nigerian Sign Language. I was not struggling anymore! I understood everything.

“I believe the Bible in sign language is an answer to many Deaf teachers who have struggled to teach God’s Word using hearing methods and materials.”


On #GivingTuesday, will you help us eliminate Gospel poverty in Nigeria by equipping a Deaf church planting team?

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