DOOR How To: praying for South Sudan

S Sudan_community testing2Using DOOR’s Chronological Bible Translation (CBT) method, sign language translators began putting Scripture into South Sudan Sign Language in May 2015. Combined with DOOR’s 2-by-2 ministry, the South Sudan project will have a three-fold impact when completed:

>> Individuals will experience God’s love for them and recognize that deafness is not a punishment for sin.
>> Churches will receive training in Scripture use for discipleship and evangelism.
>> Deaf pastors and elders will have access to leadership training resources.

This project isn’t expected to reach completion until 2019, which means DOOR translators will spend another three years away from their families. Please pray for God’s grace and strength to be away from their loved ones for such an extended period of time.

Here are more prayer needs for the South Sudan project:

  • Pray for two new translation team members, that God will give them speed in understanding translation work.
  • Pray for the wife and three children of Gideon** (a DOOR translator) who live in a UN refugee camp on the border of Kenya and Uganda.
  • Pray for the wife and three children of Michael** (another DOOR translator) in Egypt, who fled South Sudan because of war.
  • Pray for the review and videoing of the community tested passages.
  • Pray for Brutus**, one of the new DOOR translators. His parents and siblings live in different parts of South Sudan because of the instability. Ask God to watch over all of them.
  • S Sudan_community testing3Pray for God’s grace upon the team so they can finish the work set for this quarter.
  • Pray for the South Sudan translation team’s spiritual growth, as they work on the translation — that they may know God deeply and that their Deaf brothers and sisters in Sudan who do not know God may know Him.
  • Pray for the Deaf translation team members, for clarity and understanding as they continue with translation work.
  • Pray for new Deaf translation team members to be fast in their understanding of translation.
  • Pray for families of Deaf translation team members that are in South Sudan – for protection, provision and safety.
  • Pray that the translation will have much impact among the Deaf in South Sudan.

** – Names have been changed to protect identities

Your financial support can help translators finish the task. Visit our Donate page to help underwrite the costs of sign language Scripture translation.