Testing reveals “amazing” growth in Kenya

Exams often produce anxiety, especially among those prone to self-doubt. However, testing can also reveal tremendous growth.

The leader of DOOR’s 2-by-2 ministry in Africa, Benard Thuku, recently tested the Deaf teachers, church leaders, and evangelists involved in DOOR’s training program. The results were encouraging.

“I feel confident to go and teach the many Deaf people in my community all I have been learning in the leaders training program,” says Priscilla. “The exam has helped me see I have a clear understanding of what I have been learning.”

Over 60 Deaf leaders attended the two-week assessment, and they took tests in the areas of understanding and application. All the trainees passed with flying colors.

“The impact in the Deaf community is amazing,” Benard adds. “There have been 45 Deaf Believers Fellowships that have been started by the Deaf leaders in their respective communities. 

Many Deaf people are learning God's Word through CBS as taught by Deaf leaders in their communities.

Furthermore, over 1,500 Deaf children are now learning God’s Word in sign language–the communication method that speaks most closely to their heart–-at 26 Deaf schools. DOOR 2-by-2 teams organize and conduct these lessons.

For the first time since these leadership training sessions began in December 2014, Deaf leaders sat under the tutelage of DOOR Africa’s Director, Paul Njatha. Paul is regarded as one of the most influential Deaf Christian leaders in Kenya, and many leaders were eager to learn from him.

“Today, my motivation to serve God has been raised higher than ever,” says Kamwara, a young lady who joined DOOR’s leadership training program a year ago.

After watching Paul's teaching about faith, I am convinced God wants to do great things through Deaf leaders.

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Praise the Lord for the many lives that are being transformed through DOOR’s leadership training. In December, trainees will graduate from the three-year program and head home. Each is motivated to keep the momentum going by training others in their home community, and next year, a new round of leadership training will begin.