Kamwara: Motivated to fulfill the Great Commission

Growing up, I believed that only hearing people could lead and teach. I had never met an adult Christian leader or teacher. When I first attended DOOR’s leadership training a year ago, I was deeply touched to see many Deaf leaders. Learning God’s Word from Deaf leaders impacted me even more.

Now, my motivation to serve God has been raised to a new level. After watching Paul Njatha’s teaching about faith, I am convinced God wants to do great things through Deaf leaders.

The Bible passage on the paralyzed man (Mark 2:1-12) who was brought to Jesus by his four friends has transformed my understanding of faith. The group had a big challenge, but their faith brought much praise to God.

Deaf people face many challenges, but I think God wants our faith to rise above them. The Deaf facilitator (Paul) has really helped me understand that what people see as limitations can actually be an avenue for our faith to be demonstrated. I believe God wants to use the faith Deaf people have in Him to change the many Deaf hearts who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Being involved in DOOR’s Leadership Training program, interacting with the many Deaf people here, and learning about faith from a Deaf Christian leader over the last two days is enough motivation to go back to Samburu (a very remote area in Kenya) and teach God’s word to Deaf people living there.