A Ten-Year Prayer Finally Answered

“…in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your petitions to God.”

Philippians 4:6

We want to praise the Lord for what He has done and share His mighty deeds. Today we want to share *Pranav and *Leah’s story. Pranav oversees the entire 2-by-2 ministry in *Marcam, and is invested in the lives of each and every 2-by-2 member working under him.

Pranav and his wife, Leah, had been married for more than 10 years. They hadn’t been able to get pregnant. Many of the 2-by-2 teams under Pranav knew this. They started praying and fasting for this couple who had become dear to their hearts. Finally, Leah became pregnant after more than 10 years of marriage!

In their culture, pregnant women are sent to their parents’ house at the seven-month mark, to remain there until three months after the birth. The wife’s parents would care for their daughter and grandchild throughout that time.

For Leah, it was different...

A former Muslim, Leah hadn’t seen her family since she married Pranav, a former-Hindu-turned-Christian. Her family did not approve of the marriage, and hired people to kill her groom before the wedding. But! God protected him and they married.

Leah and Pranav had been praying for reconciliation with Leah’s parents, and this provided the perfect opportunity. They approached her parents about possibly taking care of Leah and the new baby, and they said yes!

The birth went very peacefully, with no problems caused by Leah’s parents or other family members. Pranav and Leah gave their son a name which meant “beginning”, since he was born at the break of a new day.

Pranav said, “This child is a gift from the Lord. He answered our longings and prayers in His own time. Our son is now a testimony to our families. There were many people who prayed for us and walked with us through this journey. I want to thank each one of them, and ask for prayers for us as we raise our son in the ways of the Lord.”

Representative photo

*—names changed for security