Burundi Deaf transformed by sign language Bible

Life is far from easy in war-torn Burundi.  Violence is commonplace, and the humanitarian situation is deteriorating.  More than 400,000 Burundians have fled to neighboring nations since unrest flared in 2015. The millions who remain are in desperate need of food and clean water.

Burundi’s Deaf community is not immune from these struggles. (Learn more here.Nonetheless, God is moving among Deaf Burundians in mighty ways.  The Gospel is becoming real to Deaf people like Jean Marie.

burundi deaf

I gave my life to Jesus Christ several years ago. Since then, I have attended a Deaf church that uses written Scripture and a verse-by-verse teaching method.  Even though I valued learning God’s Word, I felt a deep hunger for true understanding.  This went on for a long time until I met Francois.

Francois invited me to a Chronological Bible Study class, and this became my turning point.  He shared a narrative from Genesis 22:1-19, where God “tests” Abraham’s faith.  The entire passage in Burundian Sign Language was so lively.  I felt like the word of God became a reality to me for the first time.  Ever since that day, my hunger has been satisfied.  I am growing in my faith and truly enjoying it.

I am so glad to have a portion of the Bible in Burundian Sign Language.  One day, I hope we will have the entire Bible.

Francois and his teammate, Gatoto, are one of DOOR’s Deaf 2-by-2 teams. Together they introduce unreached Deaf to Jesus, teach Deaf believers like Jean Marie, and start Deaf-led churches.

Click here to help Francois and Gatoto reach Deaf in Burundi.



  • Pray for the political situation in Burundi. The nation has been plagued by political violence since April 2015. Over 400,000 Burundian refugees are living in camps in neighboring nations.
  • Praise the Lord for keeping Francois and Gatoto safe as they travel to various Deaf communities.
  • Pray that Deaf believers will grow closer to Christ as they see God’s word in their heart language.