My Children Are Following Jesus…Now What?

Ganes*, a Deaf man from Asia, didn’t know what to do. His parents raised him in the Buddhist faith. Yet his own adult children became followers of Jesus after finding a hearing church. Ganes knew very little sign language, so when his children brought him to church, he didn’t understand what was going on.

He continued to practice the Buddhist faith, but kept going to church with his children to please them. Soon, he became very confused. His children prayed for their father to know Christ, but didn’t know how to reach Ganes. He was set in his ways.

God sent an answer to their prayers through DOOR’s 2-by-2 program. The missionaries from DOOR spent time with Ganes, investing in clear communication and making sure Ganes got answers to all of his questions. Finally, Ganes understood why his children had chosen to believe in this Jesus. Ganes gave up Buddhism and accepted Christ into his heart. His daughter and son were overwhelmed by his change of heart and praised God for this answer to prayer.

Most of the Deaf people in Asia, like Ganes, follow one of these religions: Buddhism, Hinduism or the Jehovah’s Witness Church. When they find Jesus, it can be hard for them to share with their family and friends because they risk ostracization and even persecution. Ganes is a rare exception, because his children were already following Christ, and his parents had passed years ago. Praise God for what He is doing in Asia among the Deaf communities there!

*—name changed to protect security