New translation consultant for DOOR team

A Bible translation consultant specializing in sign languages is a rare thing, indeed. There are only a handful worldwide. Next month, this elite group will add a new member to its ranks.

After years of learning, growing, and training at DOOR International, Shadrack Kakui will celebrate his “commissioning ceremony.” This ceremony recognizes Shadrack’s new position as a translation consultant.

1_Shadrack K - translation consultant

“It’s exciting that, by the grace of God, after seven years of intensive training and mentoring I have been named a translation consultant with a specialty in sign languages!” says Shadrack.


I am thankful for the many people who have spent numerous hours pouring their lives into mine so that this could be a reality.”

How to become a translation consultant

Transitioning from Consultant-In-Training (CIT) to Translation Consultant is not just a matter of completing a degree or set of courses.

Each CIT starts out with different areas of skill and education, and then pursues a growth plan that is uniquely suited to them. Classes and training vary from one person to the next. All CITs learn linguistics, Biblical exegesis, sign language fluency, and Deaf culture.

Shadrack began working with DOOR after realizing the vast spiritual needs of the Deaf.

God has opened my eyes to see the need and cry of an unreached people group, the majority of whom live among a ‘reached’ people group. The ministry of sign language Bible translation is so critical.

Now that his training is complete, Shadrack is looking forward to helping younger CITs pursue their goals. “I will continue to work with the Deaf translation teams, as well as train younger consultants,” he shares.

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