Part One: “Before” and “After”

We’ve all seen them. Those infamous before-and-after photos that, typically, show how some weight loss program or diet can miraculously “whittle your middle” in just 30 days. DOOR-Africa staff members are seeing before-and-after stories with eternal impact.


James NjorogeAn isolated life, tending to and sleeping alongside his family’s livestock, was the future that lay ahead of 7-year old James Njoroge. Born Deaf, Njoroge was always the “problem” his hearing parents needed to “fix.” Countless audiology tests and hearing devices didn’t work. The prayers and laying on of hands by members of the local hearing church failed to restore his hearing. Day-by-day, Njoroge sat silent and nameless among his classmates in the local hearing school.

His father thought he had exhausted all options for his son; he was resigned to building a space for Njoroge in the cow shed — until he learned about a Deaf school partnering with DOOR.

“He was thinking about building a cowshed and a chicken coop for Njoroge, and putting him there to grow and learn farming as there was no other hope,” a DOOR-Africa staff member reports.

“When someone told him about a ‘teacher for the Deaf…he was overjoyed, and asked me to get a place for his son. We contacted the school, and Njoroge was shortlisted.”

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Several years ago, DOOR-Africa staff also pointed Esther’s mother to a Deaf school, because Esther was once in the same place as little Njoroge. Today, Esther is thriving, excelling in school and active in the Deaf church. Click here to read Esther’s story.

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